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Charleston Residential and Commercial Fences

How long will it take for Carolina Fence Company to install my fence?

A typical residential fence takes 2 to 4 days depending on size to build, however we will schedule you for a specific week. Between Monday and Friday of that week your fence will be installed, unless weather changes the schedule. You can count on us being there when you are scheduled for fence installation. If you have particular needs as to the day of installation, we can typically work with you providing we do not have any other requests for that week already.

What can I expect during my fence installation?

Most of our fence installers will be in uniform for you to easily identify who is on your property. Installers are not permitted to smoke while on your property, this ensures cleanliness and professionalism. Anything they bring on your property they will take off as well. Our goal at Carolina Fence Company is to enhance your property. The only thing we will leave behind is the dirt from the fence post holes. The first day our installers arrive, the posts will be set and cemented in. The second day that our installers are at your house the fence will be framed with 2x4's and each individual board installed. The fence should be completed on the second day. If you see anything you are concerned about during the installation process (i.e. questioning location of fence, style, gates, etc.) please stop our installers and ask or call the office right away. It saves us time and could save you money.

How do I know where my property lines are?

If your property lines are not visible, Carolina Fence Company will use a metal detector along with a copy of your plat to find your property pins that are in the ground. It is very important that your property lines are marked accurately to ensure the location of the fence. Some homeowners opt to locate their property lines and designate the location of the fence.

Do I need a permit?

Carolina Fence Company firmly believes in following all guidelines and rules set in place by city and county ordinances. Sometimes you will need a permit. Carolina Fence Company will handle all permit needs for you. If any charges are incurred you will be billed for the permit cost, nothing else. If you want more information, check out some of the links below:

Do I need to be worried about underground utilities?

The week before you are scheduled for fence installation, Carolina Fence Company will call PUPS to mark your underground utilities. Most utilities are in the front yards, but to be safe we will call. They will mark cable, telephone, electrical, and gas. Even though lines will be marked, sometimes we can still cut utilities. Please notify us if something is not working and we will call immediately to have it repaired

Is Carolina Fence Company insured?

YES! Even though South Carolina does not enforce this in the fence industry, Carolina Fence Company carries Worker's Comp policies (protects our workers) and General Liability (protects your property). Being a homeowner, it is very important that you work with contractors that have these insurances. They protect you, your family, and your home in the event that any accidents occur. We can provide a certificate of insurance if requested.

What does the 3-year installation warranty cover?

Carolina Fence Company warranties any defects in workmanship for three years from the purchase date. This covers installation errors only. Fence materials will change over time and are subject to warping, cracking, and discoloring. This occurs due to natural elements, no matter who builds your fence. Also excluded are, vandalism, natural disasters, vehicular damage, normal wear and tear, etc. Please see the question about caring for your fence to learn how you can help prevent these issues.

Does Carolina Fence Company accept credit cards?

Yes - we currently accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. There sometimes is a small fee associated with paying with a credit card - check with your sales rep for more details.

Are your posts cemented in the ground?

YES! Every post is cemented in the ground. Do not let anyone tell you that you do not need the posts cemented in. Depending on the type of fence your posts will be approximately 24"- 48" into the ground to ensure full sturdiness and durability.

How do I take care of my new fence?

We always recommend you spend the money and time to seal your fence. At your local home improvement store you can purchase a water sealant in the paint section of the store. Buy a pump sprayer and spray the inside and outside of your fence. This should be done on all wood fences. Pine is a wood that will possibly expand, shrink, warp, or crack. Pine is a natural material in which we cannot predict what the pieces of wood will do. By sealing the fence, it will help reduce the effect that natural elements (sun, rain, etc.) have on the fence. Ask us about our low rates of sealing of your fence if you dont have the time or equipment to do it yourself!

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